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Mobile Massage Benefits

Massage is perhaps one of the oldest healing traditions. In nowadays, massage is the best and the easiest solution of relaxation for the moments when you need to take a break from a stressful, crazy day. It is very important to spend some quality time, taking care of yourself and relaxing with the best mobile massage therapist in your city.

A good massage does miracles for your mind , body and soul, reduce the stress , relax the muscles and slow down the blood pressure and the heart rate. Effectively, all our customers have an luxurious privilege to try an amazing massage therapy with our London mobile massage services.

Our outcall massage therapists can improve your lifestyle and your wellbeing mood through their massages. Your visiting therapist personalize her massages and creating a feeling of comfort and relaxation during the massage session. Mixed techniques skills and flow warming hands moving on your body , with an add of a soothing, calming music , the massage will leave you feeling spoiled, relaxed and rejuvenated, just ready for another wonderful day.

If we just made you curious to try our outcall massage services, you can book anytime an appointment here: or text on 07599859250.

Anyway , if you never tried any of Mobile Massage Booking services, we want to share for you some quick and interesting facts and benefits about massage therapy.

Body Benefits

As we already know, our skin is the biggest surface on our body, so as we live all our life in the same body we really need to take care of it. A full body massage helps eliminate dead skin cells over the entire body. This improves the skin tone and leaves it moisturised, hydrated and soft. Also, improves blood circulation to the skin and encourages the dilation of capillaries. The new cells beneath will take place outside and your skin will begins to shine. The skin will show now an healthy glows, because the capillaries fill with blood and nutrients in the blood will nourishing skin cells easier. This nourishment allows the skin to replace the older skin cells with newer, healthier ones. The frictions from massage creates a simple system where the skin will produce a better time for regenerate the new cells .

Remove the impurities and clean out the lymphatic system

The body has its own self-cleaning, self-purifying systems, so the lymphatic system is literally body’s sewer system, where the body ‘detoxes’ toxic and unhealthy substances and deposit it’s waste. A very good benefit of body massages , is if you suffer from oedema or you have water retention as all the frictions and movements will help this to calm down and leaves the body refreshed. The lymphatic system equilibrate fluids in the body and has a big impact of the immune system. Massages allows the body glands to get rid of impurities and they are eliminated through sweating and urine .

Massage stimulate sweat glands, which are used to regulate temperature and remove waste by secreting water. Even if this seem not very important, massage increase production of the sweat. If the junk cells and toxines were to accumulate underneath the skin layers, this would present very serious health risks and result in discomfort.

Benefits of full body massage therapy can often be seen immediately after the first session. Having regular massage sessions, a part of your health routine, will make your body and your skin being in the best condition , pain and stress will also be reduced. So, definetely, you won’t just look healthier, you will feel much more healthier.

Less tension and improved circulation

Mobile Massage Booking can affirm that a full body massage can control and increase circulation by the oxygen from blood and conduct supplements and nutrients to reach in tissues and organs. This, effectively reduce tension in the muscular tissue as well, like in the adjoining tissues. Also, massage helps in improving the nutrition of the skin.

Helps immune System Function

A full body massage stimulates the lymphatic system, which support the body’s security component to protect our bodies , increase the immune system’s functionality and enhance resistance to infection, common cold, flu and other seasonal illnesses.

Researchers from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles said in a declaration note that people who received a 45 minute full body massage had an increased number of lymphocytes. These are white blood cells that play a large role in defending the body from disease and infections.

“Massage doesn’t only feel good, it also may be good for your health.”

Improved Scars Tissue

After a surgery, the skin might remain with a scar, which manifests by a ugly appearance on the body surface. Massages helps to arrange scar tissue, giving to the cells from skin level a better rearrangement. Analogically, a full body massage therapy reduces pain, tension and itching. The symptoms of a large variety of skin issues can be alleviated to different degrees with the right specialized massage techniques skills.

Decrease Anxiety, Stress and Depression level

The art of massage started to be used hundreds years ago and it is known like the best therapy which can control and heal some injuries or disorders. Different researches debate the highest efficiency of massage techniques for treat the depression, anxiety and chronic stress.

Being touched by another person , in special by someone which is trained and has lot of knowledge about the movements and the techniques used for rubbing the body, in this moments , will release naturally the wellbeing hormones , and will make you feel comfortable and very relaxed. Massage therapy sometimes helps relieve migraine pain. A massage may help an athlete’s sore muscles after a hard workout or hard training or, also, benefit a sports injury. Muscles that are tired, overstretched or sore are able to relax and soften through the massage techniques.

This amazing mood , where you are about to sleep, realease endorphins, sorotonin, oxytocin and dopamine, which are frequently known by happiness hormones.

For example , oxytocin happiness is triggered when we trust those around us. It’s stimulated when you’re with a group of like-minded people, or when you get a massage.

Serotonin happiness is triggered when you feel important, it is release leads to a feeling of fulfilment and it helps to have regulate a better sleep routine.

Each of the happy chemicals evolved to do a job. They work by making you feel good, which motivates you and keep your mood up during the stressfull moments from your life.

We recommend you to choose whichever massage you feel it is right for you and reduce your stress today by booking a two hours massage session with our professional mobile therapists in London.

More people have started to see lots of benefits in massage treatments , being one of the best ways of healing the body, soul and mind.

Mobile Massage Booking has a large range of different massages styles, which are suitable for each person in part. So if you want to get relief from pains and aching by making massage therapy, you will find that we have trained and skills professionals who will carry out the movement techniques in a systematic way, they put passion and are very dedicated to their work. They are always at your service with a smile on their face, friendly and very warm personalities. The therapist will use an unique combination for every style of massage and will make sure that your body , not only get pampered, but also the massage session will have a refreshing effect on your body and mind. Anyway , on your requirement they can advise you on the best treatments.

So we recommend to book which massage style suits you best : Lomi Lomi massage, Deep tissue massage, Sport massage , Swedish massage, Reflexology , Candle massage , Pregnancy massage, Couple massage, Thai massage, Relaxing massage, Streching massage, full body massage (include back massage, neck massage, legs massage, thighs massage, buttocks massage, calves massage, feet massage, stomach massage, chest massage, arms massage, indian head massage, face massage) .

Why choose MOBILE MASSAGE BOOKING therapists? Because we’re the best.

We value our customers and do everything possible to ensure their happiness. That is our promise. We hope to have you as a customer soon and please let us know if you want to make an appoiment.

mobile massage benefits

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