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Swedish Massage Therapy

Swedish Massage therapy

Studies done today continue to provide evidence that recipients of massage therapy see benefits to their overall health and wellness. Granted there are many different massage techniques, but each offers a unique means to provide relief from various symptoms or ailments, while helping to alleviate pain from injuries, stress or other health problems.

Swedish Massage Therapy is the most well-known and popular of the massage therapy techniques. It involves a variety of elements including long strokes, friction, petrissage (kneading), percussion, tapping, vibration, shaking, and effleurage motions. These motions can be mild, moderate or deep, depending on the parts of the body being targeted for maximum relief from pain, release from stress and overall relaxation.

Swedish massage therapy benefits:

Is an excellent choice for those wishing to ease back pain and promote healthy healing throughout the body. Of unique interest is the Swedish Taoptement (percussion) massage. Thanks to its delivery of rhythmic and rapid tapping movements on specific body areas, it can help:

– Stimulate the nerves
– Relax tensed muscles
– Increase blood circulation
– Release mucus from the lungs


We have a team of highly trained  massage therapists. All of our massage therapy treatments are outcome based at Life Therapies, which involves targeting specific therapeutic effects geared towards your individual needs and unique situation. Our goal is to help you relax, reduce pain and educate you on how to maintain optimal health.

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