Outcall massage london

outcall massage london

Outcall massage London

Is a type of massage in which a massage therapist travels to a client, rather than the other way around.

We offer massage therapy in people’s homes, hotel rooms, and businesses, among other places, we bringing any necessary equipment with us to the session and packing it up at the end of the massage. Just as with massage in a spa or massage studio, outcall massage can offer a number of different styles and options, with most therapists being happy to recommend alternate therapists if they are unable to meet the needs of their clients.

Outcall massage sessions require our massage therapists to devote a great deal of travel time and setup time to the session. Therefore, the prices quoted are usually higher, but not in our case, u can find our fair prices in this link.

We offer professional outcall mobile massage service.

Please select the massage and therapist you would like to book .  Click the Book button and enter your details.  Submit your booking request and your appointment with your chosen therapist will be confirmed by Email and text. Also u can use our live chat and talk with one of our therapist.
-> Text us your booking or call on (+44) 07599859250

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