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Lomi Lomi is an old form of massage practiced by Hawaiian Polynesian natives. In Hawaii, lomi quarries mean even massage, and the techniques used are ancient. Lomi lomi represents the attainment in the spirit of Aloha (respect, attention) that targets the body, the heart and the spirit.
There are some features of lomi lomi massage. Movements are fluid and wide, like waves that walk around the body. Another aspect of this massage is the fact that several parts of the body can be masked at the same time. For example, a forearm can mass the shoulder and the other the balance. This possibility helps the patient to relax completely because it is very difficult for the brain to concentrate at the same time on the two different sectors.

Types of lomi lomi massage :
A lomi lomi massage can be slow and very relaxing or a bit faster, more intense and refreshing. The curative effect of the massage can be prolonged long after the session is over. Another aspect that distinguishes lomi quarry from the other massages is that the patient stretches directly on the table and not on a towel. Instead of being completely covered by a big towel, the patient is covered with a small towel that leaves much of the free body for the massage. A traditional lomi lomi massage can be made by a single person or two who work together.

Benefits of lomi lomi massage:

Physically, lomi lymph massage helps eliminate stress and stress, relieve blood and lymph circulation, and eliminate toxins. Therapist mainly use the forearms to do the massage.

Lomi lomi massage is recommended for neck, shoulder and back pain, stress problems, migraines, circulatory and respiratory problems, insomnia, decreased immune system, depression, trauma and self-confidence.

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