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Magda has 3 years experience in Lomi Lomi massage and relaxing
massage. It is very good therapist in our lovely team and her style will relax you completely . Enjoy your 60 minute session massage with Magda.

“Great massage and amazing style”- Steven
” Her massage is unbelievable”- Abbott


Manual dexterity
Absolutely the best massage I have ever had

If coming to London you must book a massage with Alexandra. Absolutely the best massage I have ever had. Had a tissue massage. Came away super relaxed, she found knotted up muscles I didn’t even know I had. By the time she was done I felt no pain where there was pain before, every muscle was so relaxed. Alexandra is awesome and personable..Love the online booking. Thank You!

Letitia Shelton

The comfortable, calming music and tea combined with a great model of care and very professional therapists. I like it!

Alexis Adams

I have been looking for someone that could deliver an amazing massage. You are absolutely fantastic, knowing exactly what I need. Thank you!

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